One of the joys of living on the East Coast is that everything is so close together. I love hopping in the car, cranking up the music, and driving to a whole new place. This trip came from the necessity of visiting a law school in Boston, but I made it somewhat of a weekend getaway.

Bright and early Wednesday morning, a classmate and I drove turned north and drove all day long to get to Boston. The driving day was pretty uneventful. We basically listened to Nsync and Britney Spears for the majority of the drive and fangirled.

Thursday was spent at Walden Pond. My sister-in-law mentioned the last time I visited that I would really enjoy the pond so I made sure to pencil in a visit in my schedule. Walden was pretty disserted since, you know, Boston welcomed a zillion feet of snow this winter.

The pond was completely iced over and snow kissed the shore. There was a very Narnia feel to the place. I was secretly hoping that Mr. Tumnus would appear and invite me in for a cup of tea. I walked around the pond and just enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere. I loved Walden. It is definitely worth a stop if you're in the area.

After Walden I stopped in Concord and popped into a bookshop, which is extremely dangerous. I cannot go into a bookshop without buying something! I picked up Julia Child's biography. Hello, amazing!! She was such an incredible person, but more on that in another post :)

Friday and Saturday were spent at the law school. I attended a class, took a tour, met with students, etc, etc. I got some swag which is always a plus.

On Friday I went to the Boston LDS Temple. The temple was so beautiful!

My brother and I also went to this amazing burger joint right off Harvard Square. There's a little dispute about the name of the place. I think it's Bentley's and he thinks it's Bartleby's, so if anyone wants to weigh in, let me know! This place had at least 25 specialty burgers. I got the #Hashtag which was a beautiful mess of burger, goat cheese, bacon, and grilled onions. I'm drooling just writing this!

I also go to spend time with my nephews! This boys slay me every time I see them! It's Rocky's birthday today (Happy birthday, bug!) so we had a family party while I was there. He wanted to watch the Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards so that's what we did. The boys giggled with delight every time someone was slimed and Rocky barely touched his cake. I, on the other hand, didn't leave a crumb behind.

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