Happy Spring!

If the weather where you're at is anything like the weather here, you're probably bundled up with a hot cup of tea wishing the sun would return! I woke up a blanket of white and a resolve to try not to leave the house unless necessary :) So, enjoy this picture of beautiful blooms to celebrate spring! Except for the snow, this week has been pretty close to perfect.

1. Katy came to visit me! We had such a wonderful time exploring DC and eating all sorts of delicious food.
2. I made another skirt. I think I have serious addiction! This one turned out much better than the first and I cannot wait to wear it. I scored the gorgeous fabric at Ikea of all places.
3. I finally bought my own copy of the first Harry Potter book and, after all this time, I couldn't tear myself away from it last night and stayed up waaaay past my bedtime reading. The guy at Barnes & Noble said, "Coming a little late to this party, aren't you?" But I assured that my mother's copy had a broken spine because we've read it so many times.
4. I mastered the art of making pancakes. Does anyone else struggle with pancakes as much as I do? Mine always look like every pancake is the first pancake haha.
5. I finished all my finals. Only two more class cycles to go!

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