One of my best friends came to see me! I love it when I get pretend to be a grownup and host a guest :) Katy and I travelled Europe together last summer. She then went off to Seattle to work and I came to Baltimore. She had some training in Virginia, so she came early and we played all weekend long.

Katy hadn't been to DC since she was really little, so we decided to head down to the National Mall and just be tourists for the whole day. As soon as we got into DC, however, we were welcomed with open arms in the form of a major traffic jam. Apparently, there was a marathon that day and half of the city was shut down--welcome to the East Coast! 

Eventually we found our way to the Library of Congress and began the tour. This is still one of my favorite places in the whole city! The architecture is amazing and there are all these wonderful quotes around. Plus, it's a homage to books, so there's that too. 

From the Library of Congress we headed to lunch at Busboys and Poets. This place has the most amazing brunch menu! Katy and I looked at the menu and decided that we legitimately could have ordered everything on the menu. I ended up with the falafel salad and she had sweet potato pancakes. Her meal was definitely the more delicious choice.

After lunch it was on the Smithsonian. I have a soft spot for the National Gallery so that was a first stop. Every time I go I promise myself that I am going to visit a new wing and every time I end up in the Monet galleries :) So, naturally, that's where I took Katy.

Our last two stops were the Natural History Museum and the American History Museum. I hadn't been to the Natural History Museum in a while and I forgot how much I enjoy it. We pressed our eager faces up to the glass to get a look at all the glittering jewels. To compliment our jewelry shopping, we went to the First Lady gown exhibit at the American History Museum. Fashion and jewelry: what more can a girl want?

We ended our day in DC at the temple which was the cherry on top!

Katy had to head to Richmond on Sunday so it was a pretty low key day. We went to church and then stopped at Hopkins so she could see the campus. I don't attend classes on this campus so it was probably not the most accurate tour (sorry, Katy!), but it was still fun! (PS I wore the skirt that I made.) 

It was such a fun weekend! I love it when people come visit and I get to play tour guide. There's a complimentary herbal tea upon arrival to The Commentary B&B ;) 

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