Another week is gone!! I just can't believe how fast time is flying!

  • Spring is almost here! I didn't even wear a coat to church today and it was just so amazing. I am beyond ready for spring.
  • I bought this absolutely gorgeous fabric this weekend. Ah, I'm just in love with it! I've already made it into something beautiful and have a posted a little sneak peak for you :) I'll show you the whole thing tomorrow! I've also got enough fabric left over that I just might make a pencil skirt. 
  • I finally got a snow day! Baltimore's been teasing me all winter and it finally happened this week. We had an online class session. School is so much better curled up in your bed with a warm cup of (herbal) tea. 
  • Parks. And. Rec. 
  • The Voice has returned and reintroduced me to Billy Joel. I've been listening to "New York State of Mind" on repeat all week long. 


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