Yesterday I posted a peek of my Sunday sewing project. I searched for the perfect knit fabric all day on Saturday and couldn't anything, but then I found that beautiful fabric and decided it would make a perfect skirt!

I think the standard is to take a picture of me in the skirt.....but I haven't worn it yet. 

I used a pattern from the wonderful Merrick's Art. Her patterns are so easy to follow and relatively straight-forward. I was nervous about the pleating thing, but it turned out to be pretty easy. Much easier than the zipper :) 

I used two yards of fabric, but had to make my pleats smaller. The pattern called for 3" pleats, but I did 2" pleats and then had to adjust them so the skirt would fit around my waits ;) 

My fabric is a jacquard so it frayed really easily, so I started by finishing the edges with a zigzag stitch.

After I finished the edges, I hemmed the skirt. The pattern called for hemming last, but I didn't want to deal with hemming after I had pleated the fabric. Once your hemming is completed, it's time to pleat! I used this great tutorial to learn how to pleat (they're different kinds of pleats than the one in the tutorial, but it still turned out great!). 

Remember to keep both edges of the fabric straight to avoid weird bunching! After you've pinned your pleats in place (and measure to make sure it fits your waist!), put in a basting stitch across the top of the pleats. Try to get it as close to the top as you can. Measure the skirt around your waist and cut off any excess, leaving enough to allow for your seam allowance. 

Cut a 3" strip of fabric the fits around your waist with a 1" seam allowance. Hem the ends and then fold the strip in half. Place the strip on your skirt with right sides together with the 'open' end facing the top of the skirt. Sew in place with the stitch below the basting stitch of the seams. After you've attached the waistband, iron it up. 

The last part is to attach the zipper, sew the skirt closed, and attach the clasp to the waistband. I closed the skirt first and then added the zipper. My zipper didn't turn out amazing, but this tutorial did make it a lot easier.

Although my skirt isn't perfect, I love it! It's the perfect length and an amazing spring/summer color. Hopefully as I go on my skirts, etc. will look more polished :) Happy sewing!

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