Last week was General Conference. With so many things going on at home I didn't have the opportunity to watch all the sessions, so I'm slowly making my way through each of the talks. I kept a close watch on the Twitter feeds all weekend and came across this wonderful quote:

I love this idea of readjusting your perspective to see new things. I've had some unexpected changes in the last few weeks and feel like my life is a little topsy-turvy. Initially, I was super bummed out and a little frustrated with the way things were going. After seeing this quote come across the feed, however, it was a complete 180. Instead of seeing all the things I 'missing out' on, I decided to focus on all the wonderful opportunities ahead. 

Isn't it incredible how a different lens can make all the difference? So often I have such a narrow vision; I can only see what I think is coming next. I was flipping through my journal from Europe and came across this note that I scrawled in the margins during a fireside: Don't let your plans interrupt the will of the Lord.

Am I the only one guilty of this? When I read that today it was like everything became clear. Sure, all of the questions I have aren't answered, but it was the perfect reminder that there is someone else orchestrating everything. I was also reminded that I need to take a step back and look at things from a different angle. 

I hope this post doesn't seem too jumbled and makes sense. I guess what I'm trying to say is that there is power in perspective and power in realizing that the Lord can make so much more of our lives than we can. Too often I am worried about what others will think of my decisions, or lack thereof, but what matters is that we are doing what the Lord wants us to do. If we are always striving to do that, all else will come together.  

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