I have been a total slacker on this series! The last few weeks have been so crazy busy. I feel like I've here, there, and everywhere. So many things have been going on and the next few weeks have some major decisions to be made.

Aside from the craziness, however, so many good things have happened in the last few weeks. I am really so blessed! I feel like I just don't say that enough. I am blessed beyond measure!
  • I took a spontaneous trip home to see my family! I've always wanted to surprise my parents by just showing up and the experience was everything I wanted it to be. I just love being with my family! There the best people that I know. 
  • The first signs of spring are starting to appear which makes me bubble with excitement :) I hardly ever have to wear a coat anymore and it's pure bliss!
  • I won the family March Madness Bracket! All of my brothers and cousins are super dialed in to sports and I kind of just pick the teams I recognize for my bracket with a few underdogs coming through. So when I won it was a complete surprise!
  • I went an entire week without make and it was completely liberating. I also got to sleep in a few extra minutes each morning! My skin has never been this clear so this might be a more permanent change. I am >>>this<<< close to just tossing out my foundation and concealer all together! They feel so heavy on my face now.
  • My little sister and I went to see Cinderella while I was at home. I know I already talked about it in my post about my trip home, but it was so fantastic! It quickly jumped into my top movies. The music is divine, the prince is dreamy, and the cinematography is breathtaking! I'm ready for it come out on DVD. Yeah, let's get there already. 
How was your week? Anything exciting happening in your neck of the woods? 

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