I love me a good art museum. Always have, always will. Sadly, this sentiment is not shared by most of my family members, so summer vaca didn't usually include a tour of the art museum. So when I had a full day in DC to myself, you know I headed to the National Gallery!

I spent most of the day in the Dutch wing. I adore the works of the Dutch Masters. The deep, rich colors are so stunning, especially against the crisp whites they often used. I must have spent an abnormally long time in these galleries because one of the guards made a comment :) Also, the Dutch galleries are waaaaaay less crowded than the Impressionists galleries. So if you need a break from the relentless sun and crowds, you know where to go!

Also, I was digging all the livestock art. Brought to you by California Happy Cows!

Whoever painted this piece is my absolute favorite. I mean, I have a slight donut addiction, so this piece will always have a place in my heart. Way to go, Dutch Masters. 

Per usual, I had to visit Monet. How can you not?

This little cabinet holds busts of all the French cabinet (ironic? absolutely) of 18-something. They are more of caricatures so they weren't super popular with Parliament, but they're hilarious!

Highlights from the Utah trip coming soon!

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