My love of England is pretty well documented. I don't know what it is about that magical place, but I just adore it. So when the chance came to visit the British Embassy I jumped at it. It felt like I had taken the fastest jet to England and was tucked away in that beautiful country.

People were milling all over the place. All of the EU embassies were open, but we headed straight for the UK. We were greeted by a mini boy band playing covers. All I could think was that they must be a pre-cursor to One Direction or something.

There is something so utterly charming about English gardens. I love that they're wild and contained at the same time. They're so whimsical and romantic and absolutely induce jealousy.

The ambassador's house is a giant English country house right in the middle of DC. Several times I had to remind myself of that. I definitely felt like I was back in the UK and it was deliciously glorious. 

I asked the dashingly handsome young man standing at the head of this table how long it took to get it ready. His answer? SEVEN HOURS! Isn't that insane?! I cannot imagine. He also said the still use the measuring stick just like in Downton Abbey. Also, how cute is that place card for the Queen?

One of the tables in that glorious sitting room are pictures of the Royal Family. You can barely make out Will, Kate, and baby George. They're going to have to update that picture with one that includes the little princess :) (Thank heavens Kate is going to pass on that hair!)

We also go to participate in the Red Nose Day initiative. Red Nose Day is an organization that raises money for young people in poverty through laughter, entertainment, and good all around fun. It initially started in the UK but is coming to the US on May 21, 2015.

These guys favored us with a little dance. They had bells on their shins that must have made walking just a joy ;)

Before we left we had a smashing lunch of bangers and cottage pie. Some people rag on British cuisine, but I love it! It's such good comfort food!

We only had time for one more embassy, so we headed on over to Finland. The architecture was so breathtaking. And they have fresh salmon for us so I was a happy camper! The ambassador was also there to meet us which was a treat I wasn't expecting. All in all, I was quite impressed by Finland. Maybe I'll put it on the short list of places to visit in the next little while :)

Oh! And the UK gave us a little something to take home with us: We were all sporting Union Jack tats by the end of the day :)

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