I have a new obsession: midi skirts.

It all happened by accident really. I normally like my skirts to hit right at the knee. But I was making a new skirt and I measured the length wrong and it ended being a wee bit longer than normal. I almost immediately hemmed it up, but decided to give it a go before I sheared off a few inches. I'm. In. Love.

Midi skirts are oh so ladylike! I feel like Grace Kelly or something when I wear it. Pair your midi with a gorgeous pair of wedges or heels and you'll know what I mean!

These are some of my favorite looks (all from Pinterest, naturally):

I'm a big fan of a casual top with a midi. I personally wear mine with an oversized tee and I love it.

I'm also a sucker for loafers! I cannot wait for fall to come so I wear my loafers every day.

Are you converted yet? Because I definitely am! 

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