One of my favorite things about summer is the long, lazy afternoons. When I was younger, you could usually find me curled up on the couch with my nose in a book.

Not much has changed since then. I still spend tons of time reading and this summer my book list has taken on a life of its own! My bookshelf is overflowing and I've got at least six books sitting on my nightstand, praying they'll be chosen when I tuck in for my light night read.

My Life in France: I picked this book up on a whim while I was in Boston and I'm so glad I did! It's Julia Child's (auto)biography. And I have to say, she was the coolest lady and my hero!

Les Miserables: The abridged version is my all-time favorite book so I picked up the unabridged to work through. There is a lot to slog through in this one, but I am actually really enjoying it and recommend it. Stick with it, it's slow moving sometimes. 

Great Expectations: I've never really read any Dickens's before so I bought this book to fill in the gap in my library. The jury's still out on this one; it's taking me forever to get through but it's a good story. Charles is just kind of wordy at times. 

Shooting Victoria: I looove history. I don't know why I didn't major in it. This book is about the 7 (yes, seven!) assassination attempts on Queen Victoria. The author examines the impact of each attempt on the social and political climate as well as gives an in depth view of the British justice system. It's fascinating and a pretty quick read. 

The Book Thief: I first picked this one up a few years ago and couldn't get through it. Then I saw the movie on my flight to Norway and immediately started looking for a copy among friends. I was finally able to get my hands on it (I don't know why I didn't buy since I clearly have no aversion to that) and I love it! It's exciting and sad and heartfelt and everything else a book should be. 

What are you reading this summer? Any good suggestions?  

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