Tay and I had a little bump in our relationship. You know, because we're totally on a first-name basis. Anyway, I was pretty bummed when she pulled her music off Spotify because the world had yet to be blessed with Apple Music and I had this super long road trip coming up. But, since Tay has teamed up with Apple to bring 1989 to the masses, I've dropped my "we are never ever getting back together" attitude and welcomed her to back onto my playlists with open arms.

I've been listening to her latest album pretty much non-stop. To add fuel to the fire, my brother shared this amazing cover with me yesterday by Louisa Wendorff and it's just too good not to share with everyone else:

She's also got this amazing Ed Sheeran/Beyoncé mash-up. Because is there anything better than Ed + Beyoncé? My guess is probably not.

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