Happy Friday! I feel like my days are all messed up because I have a pretty light schedule, but it's Friday nonetheless!

1. I read this hilarious article on the New Yorker this week. As a self-proclaimed phone-addict, I was in absolute stitches as I read through it.
"I'll get so distracted by things in front of and above me that I won't look down wile walking and will fall directly into an uncovered manhole."
 2. Two words: Trail. Runs. I decided it was time to break out the old tenni-runners again. The sister and I have been out most days and we've found some great trails. Although I'm now very sore and remember what I don't normally run....

3. Ed Sheeran has a documentary. What?! How did I not know this? It's brilliant and makes you love Ed even more than you currently do. (There is some mild language, so be aware of that.)

4. I found this brilliant meme and I'm still laughing three days later.  

5. I went fabric shopping this week and found the perfect forest green fabric for a new skirt. I am so ready for fall! Is it too soon to break out the scarves?? 

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