Last week mum had a little business trip in Atlanta and I got to tag along. Mostly I just ate at one delicious restaurant after another. There are just too many to put into a single post, so these are my favorites. Next time you're in the Atl for 24 hours, eat at these places and you won't be hungry or disappointed.

Breakfast: Revolution Donuts

As a lover of donuts, I feel like I am somewhat of an authority on what makes a donut delicious. And I have to say, Revolution Donuts takes the cake for sure. When placing my order, I couldn't help myself and ended up with five. My favorite was the raspberry sprinkle. It was perfectly balanced between the tart of the raspberry glaze and the sweetness of the cake donut. (Photo cred.)

Lunch: Bartaco

On our first full day in Atlanta, I headed to bartaco for lunch. My mom's coworker sent me a list of the top places to eat in Atlanta and this one immediately jumped out at me. I didn't realize that it was a sit-down sort of place and since I was alone I was a bit self-conscious about getting a table alone, so I saddled up at the bar. It perused for menu for .2 seconds before I settled on the fish tacos. I adore fish tacos and this particular variation was sublime. As soon as I took a bite the heavens opened and concourses of angels sang the Hallelujah chorus. The fish was perfectly tender and the sauce has the perfect bite of spice. Ok, I'm getting carried away. Just go. You'll love it. (Photo cred.

Dinner: The General Muir

The General Muir is the perfect end to an Atlanta culinary adventure. We went to dinner with some of mom's coworkers. I ordered the trout, but the true gem of the menu is the burger. I don't know why I didn't order it--they are known for it! The bun is like a cloud and the burger is so tender and juicy. I'm drooling just writing this. For dessert, just order them all. We had rice pudding, chocolate cake, banana nutella cake, some sort of strudel thing. All amazing, all worth the calories. (Photo cred.) 

There you have it. Three perfect meals and the most important part of my trip.

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