I still remember my mom driving me to get my license when I was 16. I was super nervous and prayed that I wouldn't have to parallel park. Luckily, growing up in Nebraska leaves little need for parallel parking. I happily sailed through life without this little skill on my resumé.

Then I moved to the East Coast. When I lived in Baltimore I would drive around for ages looking for a parking spot that would spare me the need to have maneuver my car into a tiny space on the edge of the street. And I was largely successful in this endeavor. Recently I got a car with a rearview camera and all of a sudden I could parallel park. But I am wholly dependent on that camera. And I still get nervous--like a little kid being asked a question by a grown up.

So to those who can parallel park without a camera, I salute you. And if you leave a link to your LinkedIn, I'll endorse you, because this is a skill that should be recognized.

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