These are my parents (and little sister). They know pretty much everything.
I turned 25 this year and decided to make a list of some of the things that I know and it seemed appropriate to start with my parents.

When I was younger my parents were always telling me things like "go to bed early," "don't eat junk food for breakfast," "pay your bills early," and a whole bunch of other things. I had a curfew and a chore list and like 98% of all teenagers, I rolled my eyes and went on with my life.

I moved away to college and promptly did all of those things that my parents told me not to. Ok, not all, but I definitely spent the first semester of my freshman year eating ice cream for dinner and staying up until 3:00am regularly. It's a miracle that I didn't miss a single 8:00am class. But, it didn't take long for me to think, "Hey, maybe Mom and Dad were onto something with the whole bedtime thing."

And they were. They were right about everything. Not just the small things like flossing and getting a library card, but about things like having a budget and the importance of trying new things.

So, yeah, parents know what's going on.

Shout out the brilliant Hollie McKee for inspiring this series. 

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