I love the New Year. It's one of my favorite holidays. I love the tradition of taking inventory of where we're at and making a plan for where we want to go. I used to be irritated when I'd show up to BYU's gym at the beginning of the winter semester and there wouldn't be an empty machine anywhere. But I had it all wrong. It was a tangible sign of all of these people trying to be better. I wish I had had the vision then to let that sight make me smile instead of roll of my eyes. But, I was a work in progress--and I still am.

2017 Resolutions: 

Read 55 books (6 biographies) - Double savings account balance - Complete 20 family temple ordinances - Exercise 3x each week - Be better at time management - Eat out only 2x each month - Read the Book of Mormon 3x - Travel to one new country - Look for more opportunities to serve - Journal 3x each week

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