I moved to Boston almost a year ago and, frankly, I was terrified. I was starting a new job--my first "big kid" job and had no idea what to expect. I knew exactly four people in the entire state and my bank account was laughable.

I don't think those are the things that really scared me though. The transition from student to full-fledged adult had always made me anxious and that time was finally upon me. My whole sense of measuring time was off. How do you mark time when you no longer live by semesters? It was weird and I didn't like it.

Earlier this week I got back from my first long break since I started working. I had been out of the office for two weeks and I dropped by a co-workers office to catch up. He asked about my break and I finished up my summary by saying, "but it's good to be back." And I meant it. I loved being at my parents' and catching up with old friends, but I had missed the cadence of life in Boston. In that moment I realized that the transition was over and I have settled into this rhythm. More than just settling in, however, I was/am enjoying it. And that is a relief.

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