Today is possibly one of the most epic days of my entire life! 11/11/11 :) Tonight at 11:11 everyone in the entire world will have the opportunity to make the most amazing wish of their life.  It's better than any birthday or fountain coin toss.  As I was thinking about this today, I realized that I can't just wish for anything.  This moment will probably never happen again in my life.  I don't plan on being around in 2111 so this is my one 11/11 moment.  I am kind of at a loss of what to wish for.  I could wish for the dog I want or a guitar or for the semester to end, but none of these seem grand enough for the moment.  I want this wish to be good.  I only have a few hours to left to figure out what I want wish for! I am feeling pressured by time once again to make a decision.  I feel like this wish needs to be meaningful and thought out.  I don't know what I will wish, but it will be amazing :)

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