I have always secretly wished that the wonderful world of Harry Potter was real.  There is something utterly enchanting about castles, magnificent feasts, and candles lighting the way.  Each time I go home for break I can't wait to get my hands on one of there marvelous books.  It doesn't even matter which one.  Each catapults me into this wondrous world filled with adventure, quests, and not a little laughter.
I love being the fourth wheel on each of Harry's adventures.  The terrific trio seems to be unstoppable.  He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, hereafter known as Voldemort, has not been able to topple these teenagers.  I wonder if he ever felt like his life had not ended up like he planned.  Besides the whole almost dying thing, he spent the next seventeen years chasing after a teenage.  That is not exactly what I would call success.  It's no wonder that he's temperamental. He's not even a successful villain in the long run.  A group of under-trained wizards are his downfall, despite all of the measures he takes to prevent this. Poor Voldemort, he should have stuck to working at Borgin and Burke's.  Clearly, with evidence found in the Penseive, he was quite the charmer.  It's entirely probably that he could have risen through the ranks and been senior salesmen. May we all learn from Voldy, that the path of darkness is not for the faint of heart.  Better luck next time.
There is more to this enchanting world that fighting the good fight, however.  Every time that Harry, Ron, and Hermione go to a feast, I begin to salivate. Mama's cooking is good, but she's never made me York pudding or Cauldron cakes.  And I've never had the pleasure of washing down a scrumptious meal with a flagon of pumpkin juice.  Just once, I want to walk into the Great Hall and have my meal appear before my very eyes and then run up to my dormitory and gorge myself with sweets bought at Honeyduke's the weekend before.  That is heaven, people!
I think the best part about Harry Potter in real life is Hogwarts. Who doesn't love an enchanted castle? Even Belle was smitten! Sure, skipping the occasional vanishing step would get cumbersome, but the pros completely outweigh the cons.  For one, you never have to worry about forgetting your key to get into your apartment.  You simply tell the dear old Fat Lady the magic word and you're good to go! Also, at Christmas time you don't have to worry about commercials interrupting your carols on the radio because the suits of armor will serenade you endlessly, with the occasional original verse :) Then there's the moving pictures, the ghosts, secret passageways, the lake with the Giant Squid, and a whole host of other treasures simply waiting to be discovered.  Hogwarts is the happiest place on earth. Sorry to break it to you, Disneyland, but I think Hogwarts is going to take the cake on this one.  With Hogwarts come everything a person could ever want!
This delightful, unplottable school is not all fun and games, though. I like school as much as the next person, but Hogwarts sounds amazing! I want to learn to give my pesty brother a pig's tail or brew liquid luck.  I could probably do without the 12 inches on the goblin rebellions of 1450, though.  It sounds like a waste of parchment in my opinion.  I think I would attend Hogwarts for the teachers alone!  Dumbledore is basically Mr. Pheeny with a beard and a magic wand.  He gives the most solid advice in the whole world.  He must just sit in his office and dream up all these little sayings that he can bestow upon us mere mortals. McGonagall sounds like a piece of work, but in a good way.  She's got the tough exterior, but she's a softy on the inside.  I hope that when I finally get my letter she buys a broomstick too.  I plan not to cross her though. I don't want to provoke her to take fifty points from Gryffyndor (let's be honest, we all know that's the best house).  Even Professor Sprout and Trelawney have their moments of delightfulness.  And Hagrid! The single most best reason, well among everything else, to go to Hogwarts! I would go visit him everyday and maybe even try a rock cake just to be nice. Maybe I'll pull a Dennis Creevy and fall in the lake on my first day, then I could wear Hagrid's coat like a robe :) The possibilities are endless!
Unfortunately, I will probably never have the chance to go to Platform 9 3/4, ride the Hogwarts Express, play Quidditch, or defeat the most evil wizard to ever walk this green earth.  Until then I suppose I will have to settle with pretending that chemistry is potions, History of Civilization is actually History of Magic, and that anatomy is Transfiguration.  Ten points to Gryffyndor!

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