Hello, London 2012! I loooooove the Olympics! There's just something about the games that get me so excited.  I basically get nothing else done during the two weeks of they Olympics (however, this go around may be different since I don't have a TV and can't figure out where to stream it from for free :( ).  Luckily I got to watch the opening ceremonies (amazing) and some of the events early yesterday.  The Olympics get me excited for sports I would never watch otherwise (I'm looking at you, cycling), but I also have my favorites.  My single-most favorite Olympic event to watch is swimming :) I love it when they show the World Record line moving down the pool and the underwater camera when they flip turn.  Ah, it's just so exciting!!

In Beijing, the Games were all about one guy: Michael Phelps.  Every article written about the Olympics mentioned him and his quest for a perfect performance. Sadly, Phelps stopped training, missed practices, and had a small fall from grace..  He got his act together though, but unfortunately, it's time to move over, Phelps; there's a new guy (ok, not so new) in the pool this Olympics.  Hello, Ryan Lochte! He's already trumped Phelps once these Games in the 400IM and I am looking forward to see him do it again! He's tons of fun to watch and extremely personable in interviews AND he doesn't look too bad in his suit either ;) So while I used to be an avid Phelps fan, I am happy to let these games go to Ryan.  Let's put him on the Wheaties box this time.

I don't get the biting the medal thing, but it works for him

Who doesn't love a hipster?

This one doesn't really have a purpose other then I liked it :)

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