Sorry for the two blog posts within in minutes of each, but when inspiration strikes you have to act.  I have decided on 'Running Commentary' as the new blog name and am officially retiring 'Just an Itty-Bitty Ditty.'  Itty-Bitty served well for the last year but it's just time to switch it up.  

I settled on 'Running Commentary' for a few reason:
1) That is kind of what this blog is.  I don't have a set topic that I write about; it's more whatever tickles my fancy.
2) It does not limit me to certain topics.  I feel that the name of your blog sets the tone for the type of posts you that was redundant. Commentary keeps the field wide open though
3) It's short and sweet.  I don't like it when the name of blog is longer than the post and since my posts are short, the name has to be too :) 

So, that's the story of how I came to this decision.  I went through several potentials but nothing fit.  This one feels just right though.  So here's to many happy posts on the Commentary :)


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