Really this post is about my lack of desire to do my homework. I have this outline due tomorrow and I have zero desire to work on it. Isn't it funny how interesting every other aspect of life becomes once I have homework to do? My room all of a sudden needs to be cleaner than an operating room, my nails need to be painted, and my books need to be alphabetized. 

I've know about this outline for quite some time now; three weeks if we're putting numbers on it. Really though, I didn't mean for it to come down to the night before. I was struck by the Provo Plague a week ago and it really threw everything off. (For those of you unfamiliar with the Provo Plague, it is the worst type of cold known to mankind...I'm not sure I am going to make it, but the doctors are optimistic). On top of this bought with illness all of my other classes assigned massive papers too. So instead of tackling this mountainous pile of homework, I'm updating my blog :) I noticed that I have been neglecting it for quite some time so here's the update on my life:

1. I finally replaced my CamelBak water bottle that I lost about 6 weeks ago and am again enjoying full hydration.
2. I purchased a signature scent (Miss Dior by Christian Dior) and feel that I am now one step closer to being all grown up.
3. I decided to go on a limb and purchased a tube of bright red lipstick. I am enjoying this newfound boldness.
4. I am finishing up my application to the strategy program and should know by the end of the semester if I am accepted.
5. I am beginning to look for internships on the east coast and bubble with excitement at the prospect of a summer in New England.
6. I began reading the Chronicles of Narnia and love CS Lewis even more.
7. I now play Scramble with friends and realized that Boggle is not one of the talents that I was blessed with.
8. I have successfully made 2 delectable soup and dessert combos. 
9. I have stepped on every crunchy leaf between my house and campus. 

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  1. Thanks for the update slice! I'd love a real live face to face one sometime soon. :)


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