Now that Halloween is over, I am ready for it to be Christmas! My roommate and I were discussing when it is appropriate to begin listen to Christmas and I have found that there are two schools of thought on this matter:

1) You may only listen to Christmas music after Thanksgiving has passed
2) You can listen to Christmas music after All Hallow's Eve

I am proud to say that I follow the second. The minute the clock strikes midnight on November 1, I'm ready! I don't think we should be limiting ourselves to listening to the greatest music ever composed for a mere 30 days during the year. Since Thanksgiving does not really have its own music, I don't think it will be too offended if we bask in all the Christmas glory a little early. 

So, while most won't agree, my iPod is going to be loaded down with Christmas music from now until December 31st :)

Celine....the greatest Christmas singer ever!

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