March 12, 2012:

I wrote in my journal in big letters

GOAL: Be accepted into the MSM Strategy Program

I then listed all the things that I was going to do to make sure this happened. I needed to get into the Marriott School, attend clubs, and maintain a high GPA. As summer termed progressed I stuck close to these mini-goals in pursuit of the big one. I was relieved when I received my acceptance letter in the MSM...I was one step closer. I checked off the GPA requirement and attended so many club meetings that I can't count them. 

Fast forward to last week: I frantically tried to put together an essay I was proud to put my name on. Every time I went to write something though, it was word vomit on the page. I must have started it three or four times. After some some major proofreading (thanks Mama and Papa Lo), I finally turned in my application and waited. I received the email that I got an interview with the step closer.

Friday dawned with my nerves all a buzz. I just had to make it until 12:45--my interview slot. I ran over my answers and several practice cases all morning long, stealing glances at the clock every few minutes. Time seemed to drag on and on that morning. Finally, it was time to head over to the Tanner building. The interviewer before me spilled over into my slot which made me all the more nervous. Eventually the door opened and the moment of truth was upon me.

After my interview the waiting game began. The week drug on and on Friday (yesterday)I found out that those who had been accepted were going to be receiving calls that evening. I then became attached to phone. As luck would have it, I was heading up the canyon for a retreat aka I was not going to have service all night long. A friend in the program knew this, however, and made a call up to the cabin. He gave me the best news: I had been accepted!!! 

GOAL: Be accepted into the MSM Strategy Program


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