Blogosphere...I will probably MIA for the next eon. I found (ok, a friend told me) Malcolm Gladwell's website and now have no desire to do anything else. I just want to read the archives that contain his beautiful pieces written for the New Yorker. Nevermind the fact that I have a strategy midterm tomorrow that I should be studying for or that I haven't been to the pool in ages. I would soooo rather be reading about social psychology   

Let me explain a little bit about my love for Gladwell. It all started my sophomore year at BYU. I took a sociology course entitled "Current Social Problems." It was a GE; I wasn't excited. For the class I had to read Outliers by, you guessed it, Mr. Gladwell. I couldn't put it down! It was engaging, thought provoking, fascinating; in short, it was everything a book should be (and it wasn't even fiction!). From that moment I was a believer. I have since read everything (well, every book) that dear old Malcolm has written. I think I even stole one from my parents' library...which I have every intention of returning...

When I finished the last book I was disappointed. There was nothing more to read, no more social norms to dissect. Then today my whole world changed: HE HAS A WEBSITE! Every article ever written for the New Yorker is archived there...and it goes back to 1996! So as I stated before if you need me, I'll be reading.

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