Well, friends, it's almost time for Downton Abbey to return the United States. (This is another reason I should have been British...I would get to watch Downton a whole six months before without having to scour the internet looking for good links.) This is a happy happy day! While I have already watched season 4, I will of course be watching with all those who have waited patiently. To make the experience all the better I found this gem:

Obviously I will be playing bingo. Sadly, Matthew will not be in this season (still upset with Dan Stevens for that little stunt), so I will have to modify my board.

My favorite space on the board, you ask? "Dowager Countess makes a disparaging remark about Americans." These comments are always so funny! Plus Maggie Smith is queen of delivering pithy lines. I'd say that's a win win.

So get your board ready, readers! January is coming quickly!

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