Well, here's to 2013; it's been a good one:

^^started out the year right with the fam

^^went to a Jazz game...probably the only one they won all season

^^attended a cross-country ski race #cultured

^^spent a few days in NYC

^^channelled Mary-Kate and Ashley for a party

^^scored tickets to TedXBYU

^^finished my first and second semesters in the Strategy program

^^bought my first car and named him Jarvis

^^went to Zion National Park with these lovely ladies

^^road tripped across the USA

^^weddings, weddings, weddings

^^interned for Goldman Sachs

^^hiked and hiked and hiked

^^jetted off to Puerto Rico

^^went to Peach Days

^^celebrated these two kids 64th wedding anniversary

^^tried to be all artsy with my photos

^^explored Seattle

^^hung out with these guys

^^moved into a new apartment

^^finally took the campus tour with Mama Lo

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