If there's one thing this family does well it's game night. It doesn't matter who's home, where we're at, or why we're all together, we play until the cows come home. This Christmas break has been no different. My brother and his family came and so did Papa Lo's parents along with the usual crew. We have our normal set of games that we play: Trivial Pursuit, Loaded Questions, Scattergories, and Apples to Apples. But this year Nate and I both introduced new games to the family.

Nate brought Telestrations, a combination of Telephone and Pictionary. It's amazing how one board can start as one thing and end up as something completely different after it's made its trip around the table. At one point "Tebow Time" became "No praying"--we're still trying to figure that one out. Each round ended with us in a fit of laughter. Telestrations is definitely a keeper.

I introduced my family to Bohnanza, an interesting game all about trading, planting, and selling beans. I first played Bohnanza with some friends at BYU and loved it. It's a chance to flex your negotiation muscles which I really enjoy. This game can get heated, so be warned! Everyone seems to take on a persona when playing Bohanaza. It's interesting to see how everyone reacts and the strategy they assume to win. Again, a definite must to have in the game closet.


  1. Game night is the best! My sister introduced us to, "Thats it!." Its pretty fun. I recommend it. Telestrations looks pretty fun.


    1. That one looks so fun! I'll have to try it :)


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