This has been one of the most chilled out finals week of my college career. I had one paper that I needed to write and that was it. In the past I have not been so lucky, but I have found some ways to still relax in the midst of it all. 

I am sucker for the 'little things' and I am super girly so naturally my fixes do not take a lot of time and are pretty girly too. Here are just a few ideas if you need a small vacation from finals or just life in general.

Face Mask

I looove face masks. They always leave my skin super soft and feeling refreshed. My favorite is Say Yes to Tomatoes and is available at Target for about $12. 


Bubble Bath

I don't know what it is about bubble baths but they just make everything better. I like to use a formula that utilizes aromatherapy elements as well. I am partial to lavandar,eucalyptus, and mint. Bath & Body Works has a great line of aromatherapy products for $13--Stress Relief is my favorite. 



See, super girly. Getting a manicure, either by me or professionally, does wonders for my mental state. I stick to the 'classic' colors usually: bright reds/pinks and nudes. Every now and then I'll get a French manicure. I found this amazing color by Butter for $15. I also really like OPI, Essie, and NYC Color.


Herbal Tea

This past semester I discovered how much I love herbal tea. It warms up my whole body and smells wonderful! The trick to herbal tea is to put a little bit of sugar in before you drop in your tea bag. I feel like it is a little bland without the sugar. Honey is also a great addition. My favorite brand is Twinnings and can be found at most grocery stores. 


So there it is: my secret to surviving finals week. All simple and all quick. Any other simple stress relievers? 

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