My trip across the pond is right around the corner and the excitement is just about killing me! You would have thought that the hours I spend pinning picture of Europe on Pinterest would have greatly decreased, but you'd be wrong. I am even more excited, if that's even possible. It is now time to start making phone calls to banks and embassies and buy all those last minute items. I really thought this day would never come, but then again I never thought graduation would come either--joke's on me :) As I count down the last few days I decided to make a list of things I want to 'accomplish' on my European adventure. Some are lame, but I don't mind; I'm in part giving in to my pop culture loving side which will explain several items on this list.

  1. Take a new profile picture
  2. Try at least one food item that I cannot pronounce/recognize in every city
  3. Have at least one conversation with a local in each city--something beyond "How do I get here?"
  4. Ask one bus driver/taxi driver what their favorite thing about their city is and go do that thing
  5. Have a Sabrina moment in Paris, aka find a bridge I like and write in my journal there
  6. Find, date, and marry Prince Harry 
  7. Pretend to be Robert Langdon and exit the Louvre all stealth-like, but in a completely legal way
  8. Convince at least one person that I am full-time Oxford student studying early Russian art and its impact on climate control
  9. Find Hogwarts...and not the movie set
  10. Try on one obnoxiously overpriced clothing item in Paris or London
  11. Hang out in a theater until I meet Eddie Redmayne 

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  1. Kris Backman12 May, 2014 15:33

    Can't really read the screen shot. Still waiting for itinerary....


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