Now that I am finally settled in NC, I can blog about my road trip :) It seems to have inadvertently become a tradition to drive across the country sometime during the month of May. Unlike last year, I took a more direct route this time. My good friend, Kevin, and I went through Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and, finally, North Carolina. We didn't have too much time to stop and enjoy the sites. 

Since Kevin did most of the driving, I sat in the passenger seat and took photos as we drove. When I wasn't snapping photos, Kevin and I were reliving the glory days of high school as we listened to Yellowcard, Reliant K, and Secondhand Serenade. I forgot how much I loved those bands. I don't think I'll be making them regulars on my Spotify playlists, but it was a nice break from the norm. 

I also realized during this trip how beautiful the US is. I have been so focused on my upcoming trip to Europe that I think I overlooked where I have been for the last few months. I get into this mindset that the only landscape worth looking at is one that is full of Swiss Alps or cobbled streets, neither of which are true. Typically I loathe driving across the 'prairie land states' of Kansas and Missouri, but this time I enjoyed the long hours. To quote Pam from the Office, "There's a lot of beauty in the ordinary."

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