A girl and her bed on Sundays in an endless love affair. 

Am I the only girl for whom this is true?
I don't know what it is about Sundays, but I cannot seem to get out of my bed! It's like this ritual: wake up, go to church, eat lunch, and crawl back into bed. I never, like, plan to lounge around all day, but without even trying I've read a whole book or watched four Netflix documentaries like it was nothing. I mean, that's pretty impressive. Can I put that on a resumé? Does anyone else subscribe to this ritual?
So to help justify (not that I feel super guilty), I'll share what I've been watching lately!
-Ballerina: a 2006 documentary about the lives of prima ballerinas and up-and-comers in the Russian ballet world
-So You Think You Can Dance: the only reality show that I watch every single episode
-The Importance of Being Ernest: this movie came up on my Netflix 'feed' all the time and I overlooked it, but a friend recommended it and, holy cow, this movie is HILARIOUS. There were tears streaming down my face from laughter
-Castle: I'm not usually one for crime dramas, but this one is good. It's witty, fast-paced, and not gruesome. 

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