Good news: I have a home in Baltimore. Bad news: I need to pick a paint color. 

It sounds like my room is being repainted before I move in so I have to pick a color. Does this process stress anyone else out? It's such a permanent thing, well pseudo-permanent. You pick the wrong color and you're stuck!

If I had to describe my style I would say it's rustic? How do you boil one's style down to a few words? Think light and airy, lots of white with pops of color, but nothing too in your face, lots of linens, and tons of natural light:

So paint colors. Part of me really wants to do white, but I'm also thinking of doing a light neutral color. Here are a few I'm thinking of (my 'accent' colors are mustard and navy blue):

Any thoughts? 


  1. Lauren Simpson30 July, 2014 22:09

    I love the idea of going with a neutral wall to avoid the sterile white-on-white. Either a warmer off-white tone or a cooler grey tone like these would look awesome! Paint always looks darker on the walls than it does on a swatch, so if you're on the fence between two shades, I'd err on the side of going a little too light.

  2. Sage advice :) I think I'm leaning towards a warm gray...

  3. I like a light gray on the walls. It could end up purple-like (like the boys bathroom), but I still like it. Be sure and post pictures of your new home.

  4. Oh! I love that color in the boys bathroom! Do you remember what color that was? I'll definitely post pictures once I get settled in.


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