So, H&M has a home goods section?! I stumbled on it today (I don't know why I haven't found it earlier) and it is magical! I think I'm in heaven.

I love these blankets. They're perfect for throwing at the end of your bed or draping over a chair. Plus who doesn't love curling up with a blanket and a good book!

My room is completely void of a rug and it's aching for one. I love the stripes; they're timeless and classic but I'm also loving the tribal feel of the other. I don't think it matches the rest of my room though, so one of you should buy it!

I am a sucker for cool dishes and such, so this department always gets me. I love to bake so naturally I NEED this adorable cake stand. Also, herbal tea goes hand-in-hand with a good book, so I probably need a cute teapot, right? The top of my dresses is so bare it's embarrassing. I love the leaf dish; it could double as a place to put my keys.

The best thing about this new discovery: the prices. Nothing is crazy expensive and some of it is downright cheap. So that's what I'll be doing this weekend :) Happy shopping!

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