I miss London. And England. I think it's the most perfect place in the world. Sometimes if I've been in one place for too I itching to travel again. If I could pack up and leave tomorrow, I'd head straight to England. I love it. I love the buildings, the teashops, the rolling green hills. I love that England still has stone walls to mark property lines and has high tea. I even love riding the Tube. I think it's super fun. And the busses is a whole different level of awesome. I love that the English sit in the parks during their lunch hour. I love riding bikes through London and feeling oh so posh. I love eating Indian food while I wander through Camden market and nibbling on pastries on Portobello Road. I love the British Monarchy and all the pomp and circumstance. I love the old stone cottages that dot the countryside and the old pubs that line the streets. I love the accents and how everything sounds infinitely more charming. Basically, I love everything about England and I'm just dying to go back.

(Photo dump!)

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