I love art and architecture and all other pretty things. So when I heard that Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater was just a few hours from Baltimore I planned a trip with a friend and headed out!

Fallingwater is tucked away in the hills of Pennsylvania. The drive to the house was incredible! My friend and I kept marveling at all the beautiful fall colors that littered the hillside. When we finally made it to the house we had to trek along the trail to get to the property.

I learned about Fallingwater in high school and have wanted to visit it ever since. Anticipation bubbled up as I walked along the trail. When the house finally came into view it was everything I wanted it to be and more. The home looks like it grew out of the hillside. It was amazing!

This tree looks like something out of a Tim Burton movie so I had to take a snap!

My sweet friend was the perfect companion for this trip! I've finally found another art lover so please prepare yourself for an influx of art galleries and museums.

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  1. Oh man! I had no idea...but I'm going again in the spring :) And we should just plan a long weekend to hang. I always have a 3-day weekend!


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