With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we all need super soft lips, right? Well, if you have a Valentine you do!

I've tried out a few lips scrubs in my day. I have definitely hopped on the lipstick bandwagon. I am almost embarrassed by the number of lip colors that I have. Maybe I'll let you take a peek inside my beauty cabinet, but it's a little out of control. Since I wear lipstick almost everyday though, my lips can get pretty dry which is not attractive. Enter Lush lip scrub.

Lush is definitely my favorite brand of lip scrubs and my flavor is 'The Kiss'. My biggest complaint with most of the others was that they tasted horrible. But The Kiss tastes like Fruity Pebbles--a major plus. And The Kiss doesn't break the bank. It's only $8 and lasts forever. 

I use the scrub a few times a week at night. You just damp you finger, dip it into your little jar, and then scrub scrub scrub! It kind of feels like brushing your teeth, but on your lips. Afterwards you have two options: rinse the scrub or lick it off! Lush is all natural and licking the scrub off is actually what they recommend on the jar, haha. I usually finish it off with a swipe of Vaseline before tucking into bed and wake up to super soft lips. 

So whether your a lipstick enthusiast like me or prepping for V-day, a Lush lip scrub is the way to go!

Photo cred: One, Two

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