Only have 30 seconds to catch up on the news? I've got the perfect solution for you!

Welcome to The Skimm. Every morning I get an email that highlights the major news stories of the day. Each headline has a little blurb, enough that you can hold a conversation about it later but not so much that you feel like you need a degree in journalism to get through it. Amazing! 

The Skimm was started by two young NBC staffers in their late 20s and now it's the most read newsletter in the country. First, that's an awesome story and I completely admire these two women! Second, it also means that The Skimm has a little bit of attitude and is a hoot to read. I start each morning with The Skimm and feel more in the know about current events than every before. 

Click here to sign up for The Skimm yourself!

And check back tomorrow for all the details on my trip to NYC!

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