Last week I visited my old stomping grounds in Provo. I cannot believe that it's been over a year since I lived there. Time sure flies, eh?

The first few days in the Promised Land were spent with my aunt and uncle and their two boys. Cousin Fest 2015 was a definite success! I've missed them so much! We spent the weekend playing and just hanging out.

T had a concert so I got to make faces at him while he played. Oh, and A decided to be an explorer.

The second half of the trip was spent down in Provo. It was sort of weird to be back on campus! I walked across campus without knowing a single person. Weird.

I saw tons of friends, which was excellent. And ate lots of really good food, because that's what you do on vacation!

After we hiked the Y, I was deeaaad. I could hardly move the next day. What is that? I can't be that out of shape!

The Widstoe looks like something out of an end-of-the-world movie. Maybe Godzilla was let loose on campus or something.

^^Favorite picture of the whole trip! Lauren and I got stuck inside the track, so we had to shimmy our way out underneath the fence.

And Mr. Hugo kept me company on the flight home :) Have any of you read the unabridged version? I'm really loving it, but I've heard mixed reviews. Thoughts? 

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