You know when you have a super productive week and you get tons done? This was not one of those weeks, but it was awesome anyway!

Normally I recount things I'm grateful for in these posts, but today, it's "Reasons Angela Has Not Been Productive."

Reason 1: Wimbeldon. I love Wimbeldon. And I found out that you can watch every game for free online. So I've watched every game. Well, all the big ones. I'm pulling for Murray because, you know, UK. He plays Federer today so that should be a stellar match. I also became a fan of Dustin Brown this year. I was slightly heartbroken that he beat Nadal, but it was just so fun to watch that I was converted.

Reason 2: Sewing. The sister missionaries in my ward asked me to make skirts for them, so I've been sewing away. I put pockets into my first skirt. This is a major breakthrough. We all know that skirts with pockets are superior to just about every other piece of clothing.

Reason 3: Car Problems. This reason is not as happy. Jarvis has been struggling lately. The roads have not been kind to him. So I took him yesterday and spent my entire Thursday getting him fixed :)

Reason 4: Stress. Have you ever been stressed, but you don't realize how stressed you are? Hello, Angela's life! I was talking to my momma on the phone yesterday and tears, just tears. Sometimes when I get stressed I just shut down. Ok, shut down is extreme, but I definitely get less productive! Yesterday I curled up with a big mug of herbal (even in the heat!) and just decompressed. Plus with this cute mug, how can you not?

Reason 5: Summer. This might seem like a cop out, but between the heat and the end of school being so close, I have been so distracted lately! I just want to spend long, lazy afternoons reading books and drinking lemonade. And I want to go home to see my momma!

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