Isn't time weird? Sometimes it flies by and other times it drags on. Weird.

I still cannot believe it's been over a year since I went to Prague!

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world! I loved the bright red tiled roofs and the endless cobblestone streets. Prague is the center of Bohemia and you can definitely feel that vibe throughout the entire city. There are colorful, flowy skirts and interesting musical instruments and a bounty of delicious smells (get the strudel!). 

I was only in Prague for a few days, but if I had to do it again I'd do a few things differently:

1. Stay in the city center. My friend and I stayed a little ways outside of the city center. It was about a 20-minute metro ride, which isn't insane but it makes popping back to your room for something you left a no-go. We were also wary of being out too long after dark since Prague does have some seedy neighborhoods. So stick the city center and you'll be great.

2. Have a solid plan. We decided to just wander around Prague. We didn't have any definite plans so part of me feels like we didn't too much of anything. We popped into a lot of places, but didn't really dig in anywhere. Making a plan before you go can make all the difference. Prague has so much to offer so don't make the mistake as me!

3. Eat! Disclaimer: We totally ate while we were in Prague. There was no starving to be sure! Prague is extremely affordable compared to other places in Europe, so eat like a king! Don't be afraid to duck into some of the nicer restaurants because a lot of them are very affordable. 

4. Live music. Prague is like Little Vienna. So many of the classical composers, Mozart included, spent a lot of time in Prague. As a result, there is a rich musical culture with tons of live music events every day. Take the time to find what's happening when you're going.

5. Research. Along with suggestion number 2, I had no idea what a rich history Prague had. It is really a hidden gem in Europe. I wish I had spent more time researching this city before I visited. I think my trip would have been so much better! I overlooked going to the Kafka museum because I didn't realize he was from Prague--bad decision. 

Even though I would do things differently if I went back, Prague was still amazing. It's a gorgeous city so I don't feel like my time was wasted just because I spent most of my time walking. it's definitely a feast for you eyes!

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