Oh, hello there, blogosphere! Have you missed me? Because I've missed you.

I officially graduated from Johns Hopkins, which means....ROADTRIP! The family and I piled in the car and trekked north for the festivities. Although we only got about 40 miles from home when I realized I hadn't packed the graduation tickets. Whoops! But one small detour later we were well on our way.

Our first day of our mini-vaca was spent graduating and doing all things Hopkins related. My parents wanted to see the main campus, which was a quick tour since I only knew where the gym was. The grounds are beautiful though! Per usual, I made up all the other facts on the tour.

After the Angela Lopez Tour concluded, we headed downtown for the Pomp and Circumstance part of the day. Mom wanted tons of pictures of me in my regalia, but it took some time to warm up the old smiler. Eventually we got one we were all satisfied with.

Dinner was sushi. Some friends introduced me to this amazing sushi place called Sushi Q and it is hands down the best sushi I've ever had. Bold statement, but I stand by it. If you're in the DC-Baltimore area you should definitely check it out.

Day 2 was spent in DC. Normally we do the Smithsonian, but we decided to branch out (and we couldn't decide on a museum on the Mall) and hit the International Spy Museum. We played Operation Spy, a cool interactive adventure where you get to be the spy, before entering the exhibits. I've been to a lot of museums and this one ranks high on my list. The whole world of espionage is so interesting! And there was a whole section on James Bond, so you know, I was all about that. We also discovered that our family selfie game is super strong. And we all make the same face.


I have never been more proud of family than I was in this moment. ^^^ #selfiegoals

For dinner we walked over to Georgetown to go to Clyde's, another suggestion from a friend. I am a total fan of Clyde's. First of all, our waiter carried all four plates out at once without using a tray. What?! It was amazing and I'd spent the day at the Spy Museum, so perspective, ya know? I ordered the swordfish and was in heaven. It was perfectly cooked and utterly delicious. For dessert I got the creme brûlée which is perfection itself. Get yourself over to Clyde's--you won't be sorry.

The last day was saved for Annapolis, that perfect seaside town. I wanted to tour the Naval Academy so that was our first stop. There are only certain buildings the public can enter, but they're all beautiful. Also, anyone over 16 needs a photo ID to get past security so make sure you've got that!

Dad also treated us to a fascinating story about Midshipman Johnson, a first-year who got stuck in a porthole and was immortalized in statue. 

From the Academy we headed out to lunch which consisted of mouthwatering fish tacos and finished the day with a leisurely stroll up the main street. We popped in and out of a bunch of shops. Our favorite stop was the hat shop, where we tried on every type of hat you can imagine. I also liked the Irish store. I'm not sure if there's a large Irish population in Annapolis, but they had several Irish-themed shops/restaurants. Our trip ended with a quick stop at the beach before tucking in early for our long drive home the next day :)

Jennifer Lopez: Selfie Queen

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