101 in 1001: Round 1

Mackenzie Horan of Design Darling started this amazing trend of accomplishing 101 things in 1001 days. So I'm joining that party! Some of my list items are originals and some I borrowed from the lovely Mackenzie and a few others. I feel like this is a happy medium between short-term to-do lists and long-term-it's-never-gonna-happen bucket lists.

Start: 23 March 2014
End: 18 December 2017

The list:
  1. Take a yoga/pilates class
  2. Make a quilt
  3. Run a half marathon
  4. Travel to a new continent 
  5. Vote in a non-presidential election
  6. Unplug for an entire day--no phone/internet/computer
  7. Travel to a new state (September 2016)
  8. Take a surfing lesson
  9. Read a classic from a non-English speaking country (Les Miserables)
  10. Attend a concert at Madison Square Gardens
  11. Surprise my parents by coming home unannounced (3 April 2015)
  12. Start or join a book club (November 2016)
  13. Go to an amusement park (June 2015)
  14. Attend a tennis match
  15. Learn to re-upholster furniture
  16. Attend 6 new temples (1--Boston Massachusetts, 2--Provo City Center, 3--Brigham City, 4--Philadelphia, 5--Payson)
  17. Take a solo trip
  18. Complete a triathlon
  19. Take a pastry class
  20. Return to London
  21. Send my siblings a gift just because
  22. Go to a Taylor Swift concert (not even ashamed of this one)
  23. Plant an herb garden (May 2015)
  24. Buy a designer clothing item
  25. Donate to a cause I believe in
  26. Go to the Met
  27. See the cherry blossoms in DC
  28. Complete 10 projects from my Craft board on Pinterest 
  29. Travel to 5 new countries (1--Iceland)
  30. Buy a bike
  31. Purchase a new DSLR camera
  32. Take a trip with my mama (Atlanta--Fall 2015)
  33. Go to the opera (May 2017)
  34. Read the Standard Works
  35. Take 10 family names to the temple
  36. Send birthday cards to family members instead of shooting them a text (1/7)
  37. Go to bed at 10pm every night for two weeks
  38. Read every Jane Austen novel
  39. Get a facial
  40. Visit California
  41. Go to Glastonbury music festival
  42. Find my 'go-to' dish to cook
  43. Cook 10 things from my Pinterest board
  44. Take a calligraphy class
  45. Leave a 100% tip
  46. Create a new piece of artwork
  47. Summit a mountain
  48. Go on a picnic
  49. Take a coding class
  50. Go skiing/snowboarding
  51. Learn to play tennis
  52. Ride in a hot air balloon
  53. Host a dinner party
  54. Improve my Spanish
  55. Leave a review on Yelp
  56. Take a food tour (don't think I'll need any motivation for this one) (Providence)
  57. Treat my parents to dinner out
  58. Finish a knitting project
  59. Take my sister out for a mani-pedi
  60. Buy (or make) a maxi dress
  61. Go makeup free for a whole week
  62. Reread the entire Harry Potter series (7/7)
  63. Write a thank you note to a doctor/waitress/cashier/etc. 
  64. Work au natural hair for a whole week (Iceland)
  65. Go two weeks without Hulu/Netflix
  66. Attend a movie premiere
  67. See a show on Broadway
  68. Throw a pot
  69. Take a barre class
  70. Read 5 biographies--2/5 (Julia Child, John Adams)
  71. Learn to like a food that I currently hate
  72. Sew something for each of my nieces and nephews
  73. Go to 5 new museums (Spy Museum, MFA, Isabella Stewart Gardiner)
  74. Brush up on the piano
  75. Clean out my closet. Like, really clean it out.
  76. Get a blow out at Dry Bar
  77. Try to make macaroons
  78. Plan a surprise party
  79. Read 3 books each month
  80. Visit Provo (20 May 2015)
  81. Vacuum my car at least once a month 
  82. Go to three concerts--3/3 (Walk the Moon, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran)
  83. Publish 3 how-to posts--1/3 (Bullet Journal)
  84. Go golfing with my dad
  85. Send out Christmas cards one year
  86. Buy something at a flea market
  87. See a comedy show
  88. Make a recipe book with all my favorites
  89. Attend a polo match
  90. Join a rowing club
  91. Learn to four-strand braid
  92. Apply for a dream job
  93. Invest in some quality black pumps (like these)
  94. Organize all my essential documents--passport/birth certificate/etc.
  95. Finish a book I started and then quit (Lord of the Rings)
  96. Join the DAR
  97. Create an address book with contact info of friends and family
  98. Go apple picking
  99. Find the perfect LBD
  100. Take a bike tour of a new city
  101. Put $10 in a saving account for each completed goal
What's on your list?

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